Below is a selection of recently published work.


Autumn Leaves, 1922: a Kiki Button mystery from Pegasus Books

April in Paris, 1921: a Kiki Button mystery, from Pegasus Books

Short Fiction

Chess and Dragonflies, winner of the Josephine Ulrick Prize for Literature 2016 awarded by Griffith University, originally published online by Griffith Review

Butterfly published in Mascara Literary Review Issue 28

V, published in Southerly 75.3 War & Peace

The Mare, published in Southerly 73.3  The Naked Writer


Death Zephyr, published in Cordite 101: No Theme 10 

To Na Mèo, published in Contrapasso: Long Distance

The Crowley-Fizelle School, published in Cordite 52: TOIL

1992published in Best Australian Poems 2014

Home and A Heart-shaped Land, published in Long Glances: The Cecily Jean Drake-Brockman Prize

A selection in Contrapasso Magazine Issue 1 and Issue 2


Review of A Hundred Small Lessons by Ashley Hay, published in Australian Book Review no. 391 May 2017

Review of Archipelago of Souls by Gregory Day, published in Southerly 75.3 War & Peace

Review of The Women’s Pages by Debra Adelaide, published in Southerly 75.2 The Naked Writer 2

Review of The Boy From Aleppo Who Painted the War by Sumia Sukkar, published in Mascara Issue 18

Review of Here Come the Dogs by Omar Musa, published in Southerly 74.3 Australian Dreams 2

Review of The Secret Maker of the World by Abbas El-Zein, published in Mascara Issue 16

Review of Long Story Shorts by various authors, in Southerly 70.3 and Southerly 72.2

Review of Every Man in this Village is a Liar by Megan Stack, published in Mascara Issue 10

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